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Hello reader!  My name is Margaret. I am a culinary enthusiast and food systems nerd with a passion for all things tasty.

I have stumbled into the world of food. By the end of high school my kitchen repertoire  only extended as far as omelettes. I couldn’t have told you what “organic” meant or what a carbohydrate actually was. I wanted to be a doctor. I made cake from the box.

It was 2011 and food blogs were everywhere. I had been accepted early decision to my dream school and was eager to move on. My (then) boyfriend had left for college, my (still) best friend had graduated early, and I wanted (needed) time to move quicker. Cooking became a creative outlet; something new and interesting to make the time go faster.

I didn’t know that Food Studies existed before getting to NYU; much less that there was an entire movement geared towards making food more nutritious, sustainable and accessible. I didn’t know that I would have the opportunity to design my own program of study, to work with social ventures and non-profits, to run a CSA, to get my hands on some urban soil or teach nutrition. I didn’t even know what the inside of a Whole Foods looked like, or that people ate ramen for fun. It’s been a ride.

This blog has followed me from the East Coast to middle America and back; to Barcelona, to Berlin and all the way home. It’s a process. It’s fun. And there’s a lot of eating along the way.


A little background for the curious reader.

I was raised between the boonies of Upstate New York and Southern Vermont. I graduated from NYU with a BA in Individualized Study and a Concentration in Food Systems and Public Policy. I’ve worked the food industry gamut; from fast food to $5 Chai Latte establishments in Chelsea to an urban farm in Birmingham, Alabama (which I now call home). Things I love to talk about include plants, agricultural policy, preparing food ahead of time, and any and all podcasts. There are no foods I dislike, but I don’t really get decaf coffee or gummy candies (except peach rings). I make awesome tofu and killer brownies. Questions? Comments? Find me on Facebook!