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DIY Round-up ft. Rosemary-Lemon Salt

DIY Round-up ft. Rosemary-Lemon Salt

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. It’s that time of year where the days and nights are bursting at the seams with activity; holiday parties, family gatherings, gift procurement and the attempted maintenance of day-t0-day life in lieu of the Christmas countdown. I don’t really have time to write a long post, and most likely you don’t have time to read one either, so consider this semi-utilitarian.

When I did a zero-waste semester  back in the fall of my Senior year, I got hooked on the loveliness of homemade  gifts. I tried that year to gift as zero-waste as I could, and while I’ve definitely tapered on that since, I still like to take the time where I can. So, as follows, a few favorites from this year (that are simple enough to put together in a oops-I-forgot-this-one-gift jiffy).

1. Orangettes 

This isn’t hard but it does require some on and off attention in the kitchen. I put these together while also cooking dinner and Christmas cookies though, so they’re relatively mindless, not to mention delicious, AND mailable.


2. Homemade Lotion

This is a staple in my own DIY toiletry routine and a great stocking stuffer for those in cold and drying weather. Add in any essential oils you have on hand or leave it fragrance free. I love this particular “recipe” from Wellness Mama.

3. Seed Bombs

I’ve made these with kindergarteners and college students just about any time I’ve worked in an outdoor-educational capacity. Unleash the guerilla gardener in your gift recipient and beautify the world.

4. Anything with dried (or previously fresh) herbs!

I spend all summer hoarding away and drying herbs from my garden for birthdays and holidays throughout the year. Favorite uses include homemade tea blends (think: lemon balm ground into green tea leaves, or dried stevia for an added sweetener), naturally fragranced bath salts, or (favorite of the year) infused booze. This year I used fresh basil and cucumber from my garden in July and made delicious flavored vodka for a summer burst at Christmastime. This vodka would go really well with another front runner for this year…

5. Rosemary-Lemon Sea Salt

You see, this year instead of a full on Christmas-tree, or even a tabletop version, we got ourselves a little rosemary bush and called that just cheery enough. With some string lights and a place by the Menorah it fit right in, plus it’s provided bountiful dried herbs (as it immediately died) becoming a rather excellent zero-waste Christmas tree. A few days ago I gave it a little trimming…

….pulsed together lemon zest and sea salt…

….and with a the added rosemary it smelled like heaven and looked pretty good to boot.

You can find the complete recipe here. Wishing all a happy (and maybe even slightly less wasteful) holidays this year! Merry crafting!

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